Geography matters in every business and every discipline. Wherever you turn, Geography ;helps people do a better job and make a difference. Geographic analysis and modeling provide answers to a variety of questions. Geography as a science and GIS as a technology can be seen as a framework for what many people are calling "sustainable development." Geography is part of our everyday lives. It's part of our neighborhood, our nation, our planet. It's part of the things we come in contact with everyday—weather, traffic, the quality of our water and land, stores, government, the economy, and more. Often overlooked because we see it constantly, geography is everywhere. A transformation is taking place. Businesses and government, schools and hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and others are taking advantage of it. All around the world, people are working more efficiently because of it, Information that was limited to spreadsheets and databases is being unleashed in a new, exciting way—all using geography.

  • To develop a high level understanding of the subject matter in all the vital sub-fields of Geography.
  • To get a broad holistic picture of regional Development with particular reference to Jammu & Kashmir.
  • To develop the Competence to facilitate development of inter-disciplinary approach for an easy shift over from curricular work to research activity which would be able to help the process of socio-economic development of Jammu & Kashmir state.
  • To develop sufficient level of competence in the use of tools & techniques of regional analysis.

Prof. Pervez Ahmed
Head Of Department