The Department of Geography and Regional Development, University of Kashmir, Srinagar was implementing the DRS-I of the UGC-SAP programme approved by the University Grants Commission for a duration of five years. (2010- 2015)

Sanction Letter UGC-SAP(DRS-I)

As per guidelines, the Commission constituted an Expert Committee to review the progress made by the department which has completed its approved term of participation under Special Assistance Programme (SAP). The Expert Committee Reviewed the department on 21st  May,2015  at UGC office, New Delhi.

The Review Committee, after a very careful and critical in-depth examination of the academic achievements made by the department during the terms as well as discussing various aspects of implementation of the programme with the departmental representatives has submitted their recommendations to the Commission.

The UGC has approved the Department of Geography and Regional Development from DRS-I to DRS-II  programme for a further period of Five years from 1.4.2O16 to 31.3.2O21 leaving financial year 2O15-2O16 as gap year.

Sanction Letter  UGC-SAP(DRS-II)


The Department has the distinction of being the 5th Geography Department in the country to be awarded both DST-FIST and UGC- SAP.